Beaconhouse is a private high school offering a complete Ontario high school curriculum. We offer flexible high school trimesters where you can study full time or part time during the regular school year or during the summertime.

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Which courses are critical in impacting career choices?

Choosing the right courses in high school will impact a student's success in getting university offers. The most critical courses are the English, mathematics and science courses.

For example, if a student is enrolled in applied courses in science, mathematics and English, while in Grade 9 and 10, then their career track will most likely be to college education.

If a student is enrolled in the academic courses in science, mathematics and English, while in Grade 9 and 10, then their career track can be to either university education or college. Many parents are not aware of this and only realize the track their child is in once they reach grade 11 or 12. At this stage, it becomes difficult to change the track and the student may be required to upgrade credits by enrolling for additional courses to be able to change direction and be eligible to apply for university programs.

In Grades 11 and 12, students with college preparation courses will go on to get a college education. Those with university preparation courses are eligible to apply for university programs. After high school, while it is not impossible, it is quite difficult to transfer from a college to a university program. This may take more time and cost more. In addition, many universities want college transfer students to have university preparation courses at high school level and so a student who has, for example, completed 2 years of a college diploma, might find himself/herself having to go back to high school to complete the university preparation courses again to replace the college preparation courses they had completed earlier.

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What are the requirements for the Ontario secondary School Diploma?

In order to qualify for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) a student has to have at least 30 Ontario high school credits which include 18 compulsory credits. All high school credits are one credit each, except for Grade 10 civics and career studies, which are a half credit each.

All students are also required to meet Ontario literacy requirements, which can be met in one of two ways – either pass the Ontario Literacy test, which is held once every year. Students who fail the test must complete the Ontario literacy course. Beaconhouse offers the Ontario Literacy test and Ontario literacy course.

Students also need to complete at least 40 hours of community service.

What types of courses are students required to take in high school?

The high school courses can be divided into two main categories: the grade 9 and 10 courses and the grade 11 and 12 courses. The grade 9 and 10 courses are of three types – applied, academic and open. The grade 11 and 12 courses are of three main types – university preparation, college preparation and workplace courses. There are also some open courses.

It is possible for a student to graduate from a high school with any one of these course types or a combination of them. However, the courses taken determine the future educational prospects of the student. Therefore, we highly recommend that students consider their future career goals and post-secondary academic requirements before choosing their high school courses.