Success Stories

How does Beaconhouse help students prepare for and meet the expectations of universities and colleges? With our flexible program we:


Bashar A. --- University of Toronto Mississauga / Windsor / Guelph / York University / Brock / Guelph/Humber
Rand A. --- OCADU / Ryerson / University of Toronto Mississauga / Guelph / Carleton
Omar AJ. --- Ryerson University
Jissika --- Ryerson University / University of Waterloo / McMaster
Mohsin E. --- University of Guelph / University of Toronto Mississauga
Mustafa E. --- University of Guelph / Western / York University / University of Waterloo / University of Toronto
Mahmoud --- Ryerson University / Western / University of Windsor
Omer A. --- Brock University / University of Ottawa / University of Guelph / Western / University of Waterloo
Sai K. --- Carleton / Ryerson University / York University / Guelph / Quebec / McMaster / University of Toronto
Noor S. --- University of Toronto Mississauga / York University
Zeana S. --- University of Toronto Mississauga / York University
Zahra B. --- McMaster / York University / Ryerson University / Guelph / Laurier
Samar A. --- University of Toronto Mississauga
Gurtaj D. --- McMaster / York University / Ryerson University
Taha S. --- York University / McMaster / University of Toronto / University of Guelph / Ryerson University
Mohamed Z. --- UOIT / York University
Maria J. --- Ryerson / University of Toronto Mississauga
Mustafa A.D. --- University of Waterloo / University of Guelph / University of Toronto Mississauga / Ryerson


The Beaconhouse teachers, staff and administration are extremely proud of our students’ excellent academic experiences. Here are a few testimonials that show the impact that Beaconhouse has made in the lives of numerous students:

Beaconhouse International College offered our daughters the opportunity to complete additional courses in order to meet the demands of studying and achieving academic and personal success in preparation for university. The small class environment, flexible approach to student learning styles and realistic education plans, based on individual needs and goals, were all positive. The administration and teaching staff at Beaconhouse are extremely approachable, helpful and always available to offer guidance.

Halyna H. I did my English 12 and Calculus and Vectors course with Beaconhouse in Missisauga. Being a mature student with a job and family responsibilities, I needed a school which could give me not only a flexible schedule but also would allow me to fast track when needed. My experience in school was very good. The support provided by the English teacher helped in improving my English skills. The prepared me to achieve my aim - to go to university for Medical Radiation Science.

Idris H. I found Beaconhouse to be very helpful and everyone co-operative. When I need help, the teachers are always ready to help me and make me understand what I am learning. The students are very disciplined and always use good manners, along with the teachers. I have taken 7 courses here so far, and have never been happier. The administration has been very helpful by having such a great school for students. I had been involved in a serious car accident and by attending Beaconhouse it has helped me catch up and has given me the ambition to go to university. The work involved is very knowledgeable, which helps me understand when I approach my tests or exams. The teachers are very encouraging and you feel like you should come to class, not slack off. The environment is definitely friendly and safe. I would definitely encourage many students to learn at Beaconhouse. My experience here has been wonderful and its all thanks to the teachers and administration.

Deepak K. Beaconhouse has been a great place to learn and study. With small groups of students and great helping teachers, it is easier, better and more encouraging to seek success in all subject areas. Beaconhouse has a safe learning environment which promotes the development of great learning skills.

Raman B. I started in Beaconhouse in 2010 and ended in 2011. It has been a good year - since I have been here, the students were good and so were the teachers. They took the time with students to make sure they had the best time and understood what they were doing. Beaconhouse was a good place to be!

Sukharaj A. Beaconhouse is a great place for us to learn how to study independently and in small groups. In here, we all do the given assignments by ourselves, and if we don't understand any of it, we can go to the teacher to ask for their help. The teachers employed at Beaconhouse are all experts in their fields of studies and they are good at explaining the study materials to the students. This institution has helped me upgrade my marks through one-on-one sessions with teachers and through small group study with the other students. The foundation for my great future is learning at Beaconhouse.

Wilton K. The generous support that my sons have received from Beaconhouse was invaluable to me and my family. Beaconhouse has supported my sons to make it to university despite the harsh competition.

Karina H. It was a very good experience sending my Daughter to Beaconhouse to upgrade her marks. The teachers and staff were very helpful. I will recommend this school to anyone.

Sonal P. My experience in Beaconhouse was very good. The teachers here are very helpful. They are there to help each and every student. They are very co-operative and polite, which made my education at this school a great deal easier. Mr. Singh has been the person that has helped me the most, by explaining to me my university deadlines, my community hour deadlines and any courses I didn't understand. He encouraged me to finish high school.

Proud Parent Nabil H. I am an honoured former student of Beaconhouse. I sincerely thank Beaconhouse for all its support that has powered me to carry on to university.

Mubashir A. My overall experience was good and the staff cared about my success. I took 5 courses and did well in all of them. Small classes helped me work better. All the work was provided at the start of the courses, so that I could work at my own pace. Teachers were co-operative and encouraging, and the administration was always caring and motivating.

Mohana H., class of 2008 Beaconhouse provides students the opportunity to succeed in an enriching academic environment within its small class sizes. The diligent teachers assist students with whatever learning challenges they may face through helpful one-on-one sessions, allowing for an optimal learning environment.