Beaconhouse collects student information under the Education Act, R.S.O. 1990,c.E.2, to be used for educational purposes.
Beaconhouse does not share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, and protect our rights. We will not disclose, sell or rent your personal information to other companies or people.
The email address provided by you will be used to communicate with you by your teacher and the administration staff during your course at Beaconhouse. Additionally, you will receive occasional newsletters, including Beaconhouse news, updates and service information from us.
Beacon House International College either owns the intellectual property rights in all the underlying HTML, text, audio clips, video clips and other content that is made available to you in our tests, assignments, projects, culminating tasks, etc., as well as on our website, or has the permission of the owner of the intellectual property in such content to use the content.
Except where indicated otherwise, the copyright belongs to Beacon House International College.
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