Empowering Students for Success

Beaconhouse International College is one of the best high schools in Ontario, Canada. It has been achieving academic excellence since 2003. Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced and helps our students achieve academic success.


We have small classroom settings that help our teachers to focus on each student individually.


We have enough capacity to meet the needs of our students. Beaconhouse International College offers courses for grades 1 to 12. We offer Math, English, science, biology, chemistry, and many more subjects.


Beaconhouse offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) available for students in grades 9 to 12 who want to complete their credit hours. The OSSD is an internationally acclaimed program that strengthens students’ English language skills, equipping them for advanced studies and career opportunities. Renowned worldwide, it empowers students to excel academically and professionally.


Beaconhouse also offers an ESL program for students who want to polish their English language skills and easily integrate into Canadian society.


Personalized Learning: Tailored to each student’s unique needs, from beginners to those enhancing fluency.


Expert Instructors: Benefit from seasoned Beaconhouse International College educators committed to your language development.


Interactive Classes: Engage in active learning with interactive activities, group discussions, and multimedia tools to improve English in real-world contexts.


Small Class Sizes: Small-size classes allow for personalized attention and support, as well as more questions, clarifications, and feedback for effective progress.


We assist our students with university admissions and counsel them and their parents. If you want success in your academic journey in Canada, take admission to Beaconhouse International College Canada.


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