Discover the power of PLAR in Ontario schools

PLAR, (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition), is used in Ontario secondary schools. It allows students to earn credits based on what they already know or can do. However, there are restrictions to how many credits you may obtain from this method.

Regular high school students can earn a maximum of four credits through PLAR. These credits can be applied to grades 10, 11, and 12 in most subjects and different levels of language studies. However, you can only earn up to two credits in one subject.

When students transfer from homeschooling to an uninspected private school or a school outside of Ontario, administrators can award credits equivalent to those obtained in a regular school. This helps them choose where to place them in classes.

PPM No. 129 is a document that provides all of the rules for PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition). It’s similar to a guideline for regular school students on how to complete PLAR.

For mature students, the PLAR process is different from the other ones.

The principal decides on the number of credits for mature students through PLAR rather than setting limits. They can earn up to 16 credits equivalent to grades 9 and 10 and have several options for earning the remaining credits for their high school diploma.

Students can choose from these three steps.

  1. Challenge Process: Demonstrates prior knowledge through test or project completion. Passes earn credit without course involvement.
  2. Equivalency Process: Demonstrates previous education or training aligns with course requirements. Credit is earned without course involvement.
  3. Course Taking: Completes assignments and exams like any other student by taking the course.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Mature students need to take at least four courses from grades 11 and 12 at a high school. If they

already have 26 or more credits, they must take extra classes to reach a total of 30 credits before receiving the OSSD.

A document called PPM No. 132 explains all these rules in detail, specifically for mature students. It’s like a guidebook to understand what they must do to graduate.

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