Canadian High Schools focusing on Grade 11

Do you plan to move your child to study at a high school in Canada? Since Canada has one of the world’s most outstanding secondary school systems, this is one of the finest decisions you’ve ever made. It will give your child access to a world-class education and help them grow while offering a secure and enjoyable environment in which they will build their future.


Secondary school education is another name for high school in Canada. Grades 8 through 12 are the first to start secondary school. Since students will be joining college or university to continue their education after grade 12, grade 12 is considered the most important.

Canada has the best record for educational achievement in the world, making it an excellent place to start your child’s academic journey. Beaconhouse International College stands as one of Canada’s top secondary schools. With its courses, Beaconhouse helps to prepare its students for the challenges that lie ahead. Multiple classes are offered by Beaconhouse for grades 1–8 in elementary school and years 9–12 in secondary school.

Canadian High Schools focusing on Grade 11

Canadian High School criteria

For your child to be enrolled in a high school in Canada, they require the following:

  • Finish particular grades that equate to grade levels in Canada.
  • excellent knowledge of the English language.
  • Report cards or school reports from their home country (prior school).

Beaconhouse courses for grade 11

Beaconhouse International College offers different courses for grade 11. You can check our courses on our website (

  • College Preparation English
  • College Preparation Foundation for College Mathematics
  • University/College Preparation Functions and Applications
  • University Preparation Functions
  • University Preparation Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
  • University Preparation Biology
  • University Preparation Chemistry
  • University Preparation Physics
  • University/College Preparation Environmental Science
  • Understanding Canadian Law, University/College Preparation
  • Entrepreneurship: The Venture, College Preparation
  • Marketing – College Preparation
  • Green Industries, University/College preparation
  • Travel & Tourism: A Geographic Perspective, Open
  • Computer Technology, University/College preparation


These courses focus on developing literacy, communication, and critical thinking skills for academic success; they learn about the basic features of science and biology. Chemistry through different practicals and theories. Students study various texts and create oral, written, and media texts for practical and academic purposes.


The most important decision is choosing Canada’s top high school. Beaconhouse offers outstanding education, and selecting a Canadian high school can help your child become successful in the future. Students enrolled in grade 12 courses at Beaconhouse International College are prepared for various university-level subjects.

Since 2003, the Ontario Ministry of Education has authorized Beaconhouse to grant credits toward the completion of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

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